Welcome To Salzer Consulting

Salzer Consulting is the corporate advisor of choice for leading high profile multinational companies who are looking to transform their business in the face of a rapidly changing, technologically disruptive world. Salzer Consulting provides strategic transformation and human effectiveness improvement services using proven products in conjunction with tailor-made solutions. They are a leading influencer in the business transformation industry.

A photo by JOHN TOWNER. unsplash.com/photos/p-rN-n6Miag
Technological Redefinition: Guiding and assisting our clients to transform their behaviours and processes which are of vital importance to the time critical acceptance and realization of synergies from new technologies and IT systems.
Digital Disruption & Innovation: Working with established companies to create the necessary culture of adaptability to be able to reinvent themselves in order to successfully benefit from new and frequently rapid digital paradigm shifts.
Integration: Driving the development of new cultures and behaviours to replace legacy ones, implementing even handedness in selection of key management. And persuading staff, from Board to front line, to embrace new ways of working and thinking to leave the past behind and advance together into a highly successful future.

Our clients tend to be large MNC’s with complex organizational structures. Salzer acts as a ‘business partner’. We are a partner – never a servant.


6 times winner of the prestigious ATTA Transformation/Turnaround/Disruption of the Year Award. No other individual or organisation has ever achieved this level of recognition.